George Angohiatok, Cambridge Bay GSAR / Iqaluktuuttiaqmi GSAR-nut ilauyuq

Inuit hunters use new radar maps to navigate rough ice | CBC News
George Angohiatok. Photo from Inuit hunters use new radar maps to navigate rough ice – CBC News.

I have a lot of experience doing searches. I’ve been involved in GSAR for decades. I got my education on the land from my father, grandfather, and other elders. I was 12 years old when I went out by myself for the first time. I was 14 years old when I went on my first search. Everyone needs to know how to read a trail, how to identify what type of machine is used. This will let them know who has been lost. Everyone needs to pay attention. Needs to learn how friends act on the land. Need to know their skill level, if they are able to make it home on their own. When people go out, we have to pay attention to what they are wearing, what they are bringing with them. This is everyone’s responsibility. This kind of information is important during a search. One time in the 1980s, I found a guy who had a snow knife, but who didn’t know how to use the snow knife to build a snow house. After this, I convinced the hamlet to offer a day long survival course for the community. We need to educate people. We need to keep on training them. We need to educate the community – this will deal with the problem before it becomes a problem. And we need to learn how people act on the land.

Ilihimattiaqtunga qiniqhianiqmik. GSAR-kunnut ilauhimaghaaqtunga qangaraaluk. Ilihaqtitauhimayunga nunainnaqmi aappamnik, ataatattiamnik, ahiniklu iniqnirinit. Ukiuqaqtunga 12-nik avaliittumik aullaanngarama. Ukiuqaqtungalu 14-nik qiniqhialraarama. Inuit tamangnik ilihimayaghaat iniit, qanurittumik sikiituqariaghait. Taimaa ilitturinnaqtuq kina tammaqhimayaaghaat. Inuit tamangnik qauhimayughat. Qauhinahuaqlugit qanuq pitquhiqariaghait nunainnaqmi. Ilihimayaita qauhimalugit, inmingnik angilralaariaghait. Inuit aullaaraangamik, qauhimayaghavut qanuq aannuraaqhimayaaghait, hunaniklu aullautihimayut. Hapkua inuit tamaita munaqtaghariyait. Taimaittumik naunaitkutaqariamik aghuurnaqtuq qiniqhiatillugit.  Ukiumi 1980t ukiut atuqtillugit, nalvaaqhimayunga inuuhuktumik panalik, kihimi ayuqtuq ikluliuriami panamut. Talvanngat, haamlatkut ilihaqtittiquhimayatka annaghimanirmik nunallaarmiunut. Ilihaiyaghavut inuit. Ilihaqtittihimmaaqlugit. Nunallaarmiut ilihaqtitaghavut – taimaa ihuaqhautauluni ihuilutautinnagu. Taimaalu inuit pitquhiit nunainnaqmi ilihimayaghavut.

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