Sgt. Roger Hitkolok, Canadian Rangers, Kugluktuk GSAR, Coast Guard Auxiliary

Sgt. Roger Hitkolok. Photo courtesy of MCpl Baba Pedersen, Kugluktuk Canadian Ranger Patrol.

Me and Jack [Himak] started up a GSAR team in Kugluktuk and we have been working at it ever since. It’s a lot of work, but the community needs it. I usually start a search at a person’s house, so that I can learn their tracks and be able to recognize them on the land. It’s really important to know the tracks. People should pay attention to the tracks left by their family and friends. I’ve been on searches where the people didn’t bring anything with them on the land. Not even a tent. People who go out prepared can still lose their way in a storm. People can lose their heads during bad weather or when they get lost. People go into shock. People will leave their machines, which they should never do. We have to teach people how to stay calm on the land. What to do if they run into trouble.

Uvanga Jack-lu (Himiak) aullaqtiqhimayaqqut GSAR-kut havaqatigiit Qurluqtuqmi havakvigiraaqpaghugillu. Havakluarnaqtuq, kihimi ihariagiyauyuq nunallaarmi. Qiniqhiagaangami aullaqtiqpaktunga innum ikluqpaanit, taimaa tumiit ilihariamik ilitarinahuariamik nunainnaqmi. Inuit qauhimattiarahuaqtaghait tumiita ilaita ilannaitalu. Qiniqhiahimavaktunga talvani inuit hunaitpiaqtumik aullaaqhimaplutik. Tupiittumik. Inuit parnaittiaqhimagaluaqhutik tammalaaqtuttauq piqtumi. Inuit ihumailaaqtut hilalugaangat tammaraangamiklu. Inuit qukluliqpaktut. Inuit ighinnaliqpaktait sikiituit, taimailiyaghaunngittut. Inuit ilihaiyaghavut aulattiariamik nunainnaqmi. Qanuriliuriamik ihuilutiqaqqat.

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