Photo Courtesy of MCpl Baba Pedersen, Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

While the community-based SAR organizations in the Kitikmeot possess many strengths, they also face many challenges. They have to conduct their SAR operations in a vast operating environment, often marked by extreme weather and dangerous conditions. The vast amount of territory they generally have to cover puts a strain on their human and material resources. While these challenges are the product of geography, others are the result of broader issues in the SAR system. Although the scope and severity of these issues differ from community to community, in general these groups face an increasing case load, equipment shortages, training gaps, volunteer burnout and recruitment challenges, funding shortfalls, administrative burdens, difficulty coordinating, cooperating, and communicating across the community, territorial, federal levels, lack of aerial and marine support, and difficulties activating Canadian Ranger patrols. Check out the links to read more about these challenges and see some community-proposed and developed solutions.

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