Community Support

Hamlet of Cambridge Bay’s search-and-rescue appreciation evening, held at the community hall on 24 June 2019. Standing from left, MLA Jeannie Ehaloak, George Naikak Hakongak, Brandon Goudey, Patrick Vandevalk, Jasber Dhillon, Kevin Evetalegak, Rosabelle Klengenberg and Mayor Pamela Gross. Seated, from left, George Pameok Angohiatok, Bessie Omilgoetok and Jimmy Sr. Haniliak. Photo from Cambridge Bay salutes search-and-rescue crew – Nunavut News.

Community-based SAR organizations rely on the generous support of their communities. Most of their fundraising for new equipment and supplies is done through bingos, dinners, and other events – all of which depend on the financial support of community members. A silent auction during Kitikmeot Trade Show 2020 brought in $33,400, to be shared between the region’s SAR organizations.

During searches, communities pull together to assist the searchers, donating meals and other essential supplies.

As important as the material support provided by communities is the moral support. Communities often show their appreciation to first responders, as when Cambridge Bay held its SAR appreciation evening in 2019 or when Gjoa Haven held a community parade after a recent successful search. Community appreciation can play a major role in improving morale and helping with the stresses of SAR operations.

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