Kitikmeot Roundtable on SAR

Participants at the Kitikmeot Roundtable on SAR 2020.

During interviews and focus groups held in the Kitikmeot communities, project participants highlighted the need to elevate discussions to the regional level, where they could share their knowledge with and learn from practitioners in other communities and discuss capacity issues with federal and territorial partners. They pointed out that a roundtable would serve as both a research opportunity and a resilience-building measure.

Thus was born the Kitikmeot Roundtable on Search and Rescue. The point of the roundtable is to bring together community responders, academics, and representatives of federal and territorial agencies to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and future requirements for search and rescue in the Kitikmeot region. The first regional roundtable was held in Cambridge Bay in January-February 2020. Due to COVID, however, the second could not be held as an in-person, regional event. Instead, we conducted the roundtable as best we could through a series of small virtual, teleconference, and in-community meetings. Our hope is to hold the 2022 Kitikmeot Roundtable on SAR in person in November or December 2022.

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