Participants at the Kitikmeot Roundtable on Search and Rescue 2020.

The community-based organizations responsible for delivering local SAR services to their communities are made up of incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated members. On a volunteer-basis, GSAR teams, SAR committees, and Coast Guard Auxiliary units are generally able to recruit enough skilled and dedicated people to provide this essential service year-round. Some of these individuals go out on multiple searches (up to two dozen for some) a year. Many use their holidays and vacation time to participate in training and skill development, with no compensation. Their dedication is the key ingredient of the SAR system.

The strength of the Kitikmeot’s SAR system flows from the dedication of its skilled responders, effective leadership, community support, and the additional capability offered by the Canadian Rangers (even though patrols are rarely officially activated for SAR in the Kitikmeot communities) and the recent expansion of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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